How to extrude circles to fit the height of their surrounding?


I’m trying to extrude circles to the same height as their nearest building.
Right now I tried to do that by creating a polyline that uses the height of the bounding boxes of the geometries and then take that polyline as z-unit. (392.2 KB)

What is not really working right now though is the proper creation of the polyline. The sorting of the points doesn’t work as it should. I tried to do that by drawing lines to a centerpoint and then sort them by their angle.

Is there maybe a better way to get the heights of the sourrounding geometries?
What I’m trying to do is just extruding all the circles on the gridpoints to the height of the sourrouding, while lessen that height more and more as they are nearer to the center.

Thanks for your help!!


To sort points, you may want to use the Sort Along Curve component. You can then use a guide curve to order your point list before feeding it to the Polyline component.

Do you mean, something like this? (759.1 KB)

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Wow!! Yes, that’s what I tried to do and it works pretty good!!

Thanks man!! Really nice :slight_smile:

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