How to extrude a surface into a dome

How do I extrude these Concentric circles with a pattern in between into a dome?
Image one shows the surface I want to extrude.
Image two is where I placed a smaller version of the concentric circle above the original and tried loft, but this also did not work.
Is there a tool which can straight away produce a dome from any surface?
Image 1:

Image 2

Hi @sahana,

There’s no magic dome extruder in Rhino. But lots of ways to construct domes.

However, before anyone can give you useful advice, we need more information. I’m afraid your design intent is not clear. Let’s start with: Does your pattern represent the thickness of the wall of a dome, or is it a pattern that you want to lie on the surface?

Also, please post a Rhino model with at least the pattern in, otherwise it’s difficult for people to give concrete help.