How to Extrude 2D Curves into Trapezoidal solid?

I’ve been drawing pairs of parallel lines and extruding them into solids to make rectangular shaped wires on a surface. It’s fast and easy, I just use _ExtrudeCrv. (I’m using them as cloisonne’ wires when I turn the printed designs into cast metal.)

Now I want to turn those parallel lines into wires with a trapezoidal cross section instead of a rectangular one.

Is there an easy way to extrude a trapezoid into a solid along the path of a line?

Thanks, I’m new to this and still have lots to learn!

The only way you’d get any control of the orientation is by drawing the profile on the end of the path curve - CPlane command > Curve, snap to the end of the curve, draw your trapezoid, (or place it there with Insert, as a regular object not a block like from an external file, probably easier if you have a lot to do), then Sweep1 on the path.