How to export to MegaCAD?

Hi Rhino-users,

today a Rhino customer has asked, how to export Rhino 3d-models to MegaCAD.

I’ve told him to use STEP AP214. He said MegaCAD imports Rhino STEP files, but the geometry isn’t editable anymore, and STEP files from UG are editable in MegaCAD. Hm?

Any ideas?



i neither know UG nor MegCAD, but i assume that UG and MegaCAD are parametric. Since Rhino does not handle nor store any of these extra information, the model might be then just a dead piece of wood in the water in the sense of parametrics. but i am just heavily guessing now.

Hi Michael - my guess is that Step can carry some construction history info if that is available but of course Rhino does not have that.


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