How to export step file

Hi everyone. I try to export step file from rhino 6 but it automatically export stp file rather then step. How can i export step file dircetly. Thank you.

Hello - these are both acceptable file extensions for the step format. You can type in which ever you prefer.


So if i just delete .stp and right .step, it wont cause any problem as far as i understand, right?

it should not… but it should also be fine the way it is.

I need the exact step file. It is why i dont use the stp file. Because of that ıf it cause some problem, i wont use it.

where is the file going?

Hello - when you export, you can type in a file name - whether you type in ‘stp’ or ‘step’ is up to you - type whichever one you like, the file itself will be the same.


Okay thank you very much.

Since both file extensions are supposed to be commonly accepted as STEP files, I believe Kyle is interested in what kind of problem you ran into trying to use .stp. Is it simply not recognized by a receiving program (if so, which one is it?) or is it a confusion issue where .stp is used on your computer for some other kind of file?