How to export sharp models

Hi everyone,
I’ve modeled a medical needle which has a sharp point. I didn’t try to fillet that sharp end because I think the best practice is to leave it intact as it’s sharp. When I export the model and turning it into mesh that sharp end is messed up. Also, bringing the model directly into KeyShot (importing *.3dm file) doesn’t solve the problem. You notice it when you zoom in the sharp end. I want to take this model into 3ds max. Can anyone guide me?
hyhy.3dm (1006.9 KB)

The needle is selected when you call the SelBadObjects command…

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What does it mean?
I exploded the needle and rebuilt all surfaces belong to the needle and then joined them but “SelBadObjects” command selects it again.

How can you be so sure?

I posted the last save file. Please look at this file.

What did you mean?? It’s not my post in this thread.

Hi Alex - one problem is that the file tolerance is .01 and on that part you have a fillet of .01 - way too close to tolerance. Something like this should be modeled at .001 at the largest. At any rate untrimming the needle surfaces and re trimming and filleting at .001 seems to sort it out…

More info…

hyhy_PG.3dm (58.0 KB)


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Hi @Alex_Wright

I think what @wim is hinting at, is the fact that you are quite likely a using a cracked version of Rhino (yes, you can tell from the file). I see that @pascal has already helped you out, but you really should check your license and make sure that it’s paid for and legal.

HTH, Jakob

Thank you Pascal.