How to export images

Hi everyone!
I made a big algoritm which “generates” residential areas. I have a few sliders which controls width, height, styling, etc. And every time the sliders take some random integers, I need the top view to be exported as an image (jpg, png, bmp maybe). But I need to export not 10 or 15, but thousands of images. How can I do it? Maybe there are some plug-ins which I missed?
Thanks for answers!

This is a random state. Should be exported as an image to a folder.

Then a random state is set. Again, should be exported as an image.

And again like thousands of times…

right click on the slider
there is an “animate” function

Great, thanks! I made one big slider and a random number generator in ghpython so i can animate the slider and export all pictures. You saved me!! Thanks!

Hi @arturqa96 , I am thinking about a similar task: how to automatically export images based on python from gh, which logic do you use when writing your script? I actually isn’t familiar with Rhinocommon libraries that do it