How to export doors to revit with rhino inside+VA?

Hello everyone, I am trying to import my model to revit and followed the tutorial to import walls and have sucsess in it (although some walls didn’t joined properly).

When i moved on to export my doors I saw it wasn’t the same process since rhino inside doesn’t have one “add door” or “add” anything else other than walls. How can I export my walls, stairs and other stuff from the VA pipeline to revit? Thanks

Hello @Leonardo_G_Pate,

I am working on this as well. To export doors, you need to create a new family using the “New Component Family” and then create the instance using the “Add Component (Location)”. You can also use the DirectShape component as you are doing, but you need to use the VisualARQ Explode component before connecting the geometry to the DirectShape component.