How to exclude objects outside a perimeter curve

Hi Friends,

I’m trying to exclude objects outside a perimeter curve, something like this:

The red circle is the perimeter curve, I’d like to be left with only the green circles and I’d like to ignore the outer black circle and the red perimeter circle itself.

Most examples I could find were involving the center point of the lines but that couldn’t work in my case since the center of the the outer black circle is also inside the red perimeter circle.

The circles are just for demonstration, the actual lines shapes could vary…

Any help would be appreciated.


Use the mid point instead… (10.7 KB)

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Or end point. Fails to filter curves that intersect the perimeter though.

This works: (9.6 KB)


in this particular case:

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Smart :wink:

haha! you are right! It is senseless.
To be more general, one could compare the radii with the distance to the center of the circle which is used as filter.

Thank you so much @martinsiegrist @Baris

I’ve used @Joseph_Oster solution and it works great for me.

Thank you Joseph :slight_smile: