How to ensure mesh welding?

Hi to all,

I have a brief question regarding mesh-welding in grasshopper.

I have made a facet dome from points,
which I mesh in a specific simple way:

extruding all facets to a center point from which the facet dome was created, to obtain only triangle breps

I mesh these triangles*

However, the joint mesh ends up unwelded in many places.

If I use the ‘Combine&Clean’ component from Kangaroo, I obtain the vertex count I desire.

This appears to be an intermittent bug, where sometimes I obtain the vertex count I want, yet other times I push the vertex to which I extrude the facets a bit outwards, then weld, then I get the desired count; said ‘workaround’ didn’t work this time

See image:

File here, in case you want to look at it: (12.8 KB)

*I chose to mesh them using the ‘Simple Mesh’ component in grasshopper

use vertex weld for this:

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