How to ensure connections within Voronoi structure?

Hi all, basically I’m trying to create a way to generate random voronoi structures (with the eventual aim of testing for fitness using structural analysis tools, galapagos/octopus, etc.).

My present method of generating this structure (from following a guide I found) is to generate two sets of solids–one from extruding the boundaries of the voronoi cells towards the seeds, and one from simply scaling down the cells–and subtracting the latter from the former. The starting/boundary Brep is just a random box I drew in Rhino.

The problem is, there’s no guarantee that the set of scaled down cells will be small enough to ensure that there are ALWAYS connections inside the structure, which results in weird floating bits inside of the structure.

Is there any way for me to somehow constrain or control the way the volume is formed so that it’s always connected internally?

From memory… I’m on my phone so can’t see GH… Isn’t there a Create Solid component that could make solid Breps from the cell faces?