How to encode a list (2.4 KB)

I want each sublist in a to contain all the elements from x at least once. If an element was missing, it has been replaced with a repeated element from the sublist.


To create a list with a specific number of items from a list of spaces, while ensuring all the spaces are included, you can follow these steps:

  1. Copy all the spaces from the original list to a new list.
  2. If the desired length of the list is greater than the number of spaces copied, repeat the following step:
    • Randomly select a space from the original list and add it to your new list.
    • Repeat this step until the desired length is reached.

By following these steps, you will have a new list with the desired number of items, including all the spaces from the original list.

import ghpythonlib.treehelpers as th
from random import choice, shuffle

# List of available spaces
spaces = ["bathroom", "Entrance", "livingroom", "bedroom", "kitchen", "Terrace"]

# Desired lengths for each collection
lengths = [10, 10, 6, 6]

# List to store the collections
collections = []

# Iterate over each desired length
for n in lengths:
    # Create a new collection starting with a copy of available spaces
    collection = list(spaces)
    # Add random spaces to the collection until desired length is reached
    while len(collection) < n:
    shuffle(collection)  # Shuffle the collection randomly
    collections.append(collection)  # Add the collection to the list of collections

# Convert the collections to a tree structure
a = th.list_to_tree(collections) (6.4 KB)


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