How to en/disable the component tip?

Perhaps a stupid question, but I simply don’t find how to en/disable this:

Thanks for a hint…

Look for a component called “bifocals” - when it’s on the canvas the names will appear on top of the components.

Hmm, can’t find bifocals…
…also on a gh file which shows the description, there is no bifocals.

Hi Charles - did you create that definition yourself or did you get it from a 3rd party? It is perfectly possible that a custom script component in a definition adds those labels.

Hi Wim, the file is from McNeel…
Part of the Level 1 tutorial (bike_wheels).

Could you attach it here or post a link?

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You must have the Bifocals plugin installed?


OH! After the missing plugin message, the file opens showing the tool tips. How annoying.

@wim, I don’t see that component on the canvas? You must have that plugin installed?

Charles - you can see the Bifocals component at the top in that definition:

I didn’t have BiFocals installed, now I have.

Especially for a tutorial file, this leads to confusion.
A tutorial file should work oob.

Thanks to all.

That it works without the plugin installed and can’t be disabled without installing the plugin is inconsistent, intrusive, disempowering, annoying and dare I say, downright rude.

A bit more information on this issue.

It appears that the Bifocals component simply creates a fully transparent group around each component. You can delete this group either by selecting just outside of a component and then pressing the Delete button, or by selecting one or more components and using the Ungroup feature (Ctrl+Shift+G).

Ungrouping a component removes it from all levels of groups; deleting a group only deletes the selected group. In files with lots of groups, it will probably be easier to just install Bifocals to get rid of those groups.

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Very interesting, thank you for the explanation. Since reading this thread, I have been increasingly concerned about the potential for hidden GH components containing malware, propagated by sharing models and/or copy/paste of bits that include them.

Hah, that’s a Catch-22 if there ever was one. Install the plugin that created the problem in order to fix the problem and then quickly and very carefully uninstall the plugin before it applies its magic to any new code I create? NO WAY!! I’d feel better about a disinfectant script that does nothing except delete transparent groups.

I’m relieved to have a better understanding of how Bifocals works but still concerned about potential malware embedded in GH scripting components?

Simply installing the plug-in doesn’t make it apply its magic. You need to drag the component on the canvas for the groups to be created in the definition that the component is inserted in.