How To Emboss A Coaster

I am new to Rhino Mac and I am struggling with using ExtrudeCrv to create a simple coaster. I extruded a simple circle and then imported a pdf with path data I wish to use to emboss. I can extrude the imported data, center it in the object with the gumball, but Extrude doesn’t seem to cut back into the circle.

I tried to use Boolean Difference to cut the pdf curves out of the coaster base but just cannot seem to figure out what I am doing wrong.

I am new and wondered if someone would mind lending a hand.

coaster.3dm (2.5 MB)


You need to first make closed polysurfaces from those extrusions. You can do this by using the “Cap” command on your extrusions. If you then do Boolean Difference, it works.

Also, if you would like to automatically make a closed polysurface when you extrude you need to make sure Solid=Yes after you’ve selected your curves.

Thank you very much. I really appreciate your help.

I am still struggling a bit but getting closer. I capped both extrusions, but the boolean difference dose not seem to be removing the embossing object.

When I extrude the starburst portion, should I start at the depth I want to emboss then raise it above the cylinder object?

Coaster2.3dm (2.4 MB)

If the embossing curves form one or more closed, planar curves, you can use the MakeHole command.

I have the extrusion into the base body and then using BooleanDifference, first select the coster to subtract from and then the embossed design to subtract with. The process runs, but the embossed extrusion stays in place.

Not sure what I am doing wrong!

If the embossing curves form one or more closed, planar curves, you can use the MakeHole command.

My embossed curves are from a pdf file with flat vector drawings. They drawings are closed and then after resizing, I extrude them as a solid. I tried MakeHole and could not get it to work.

starburst.pdf (769.6 KB)

I tried subtracting a simple sphere from a cube and it subtracts correctly, so I know I am doing the process correct.

I think I may have figured it out. I was dragging a selection box around the extrusion. When I selected each one at a time, the difference was removed from the coaster base but the extrusion does not disappear. I had to delete it to see my embossed cuts.

Is there a reason why the embossed extrusion did not disappear with Boolean Difference? The sphere subtracted from a cube removes the entire sphere. I don’t understand why it is different.

Hello - BooleanDifference has a 'DelteInput=Yes/No option - if No, then the original will remain in place.


Two things I am noticing.

I cannot drag a box around the objects I wish to subtract with. If I do that, it selects yellow, but the boolean difference is failing.

If I hand select each part turning it pink, then selecting extrusion, the boolean difference works, but despite Delete Input=Yes, it is not deleting the parts I am using to subtract. I have to perform this manually.

I figure my design is goofy because it works as expected with a cube and a sphere. I can click on the cube, then draw a selection box around the sphere and the booleandifference works, and Delete Input works as well.

Here is the file that is not allowing a boolean difference with a selection box drag and is not respecting the Delete Input variable.

This is either odd or I have done something to cause this.

coaster.3dm (2.7 MB)

Hello - try:

SelDup then Delete.
Then use BooleanDifference.


I tried SelDup then Delete and then used BooleanDifference without any change.

I did replace my imported pdf that I am using to emboss with and a different one works fine. Seems like my pdf file with the curves data is the problem. It is not a completely closed design, one made up of parts. So maybe this is my problem.

Anyway, I was able to create my coaster and it is printing now. Hope it turns out ok.

Thanks for helping/teaching me some Rhino Mac this afternoon!