HOW TO - DXF Convert Units

Would someone please provide instructions for a total newb to open a 3D .dxf wireframe and scale/convert it from imperial feet units to metric meter units and export as a .dxf with the units/projection now in metric?
Should be pretty simple right?
Thank you greatly for your response

Open the file.

Verify that the file is indeed in inches/imperial via Tools>Options (document properties)>Units
(This is under File>Settings if you’re on Mac)

While there, pull down the units dropdown menu and select “Meters”

Hit OK to close out of Options.

At the prompt, when asked if you want to scale or not, choose “Yes”

Ctrl+A to select all visible/selectable elements in the file

From File menu, choose “Export selected”, choose DXF file format, give it a name, etc.
You will need to choose an export scheme, either use “Default” or check the Help for the various scheme parameters.

If you want the whole file exported including possibly locked or hidden objects or layers, use SaveAs instead of Export.

HTH, --Mitch