How to duplicate a set of BREPS on top of the original ones with random heights

I have a problem with scaling of BREPS (Problem with scaling of BREP: keeping the upper part). In order to keep the top part of the object when scaling, I am trying to duplicate the original objects and place them on top of the original ones, then input negative values when scaling (so that the reference point of scaling would start from the top of the original ones and the scaling objects will go down).

However, the objects are of different heights. How to place the duplicated objects on top of the original ones with different heights (or is there a way to keep the top part of the object when scaling)?

This is the file:
Sample (for scaling) (479.1 KB)

Thanks a lot in advance.

hello @Ivanita, i took a look at your definition, it’s not obvious what you want to achieve there, can you upload a small file with just your relevant geometry/scaling operations, or specify in more detail what is your desired outcome?
also what do you mean with

Since you are using Honeybee, is your question related to behaviour of this plugin or this a generel geometry question?

is this what you meant?

Sample (for scaling) (63.8 KB)

Thanks Lando,

Sorry. This is a simplified definition from a bigger definition and I didn’t make it tidy enough. I have corrected it and uploaded again (Sample (for scaling) (479.1 KB)).

This is a general geometry question and my objective is to keep the upper part of the BREP when scaling (you can see from the updated definition, the upper part of the object disappears when scaling).

Thanks a lot.

Thanks @corellaman. Close but not exactly. Sorry that the definition I uploaded wasn’t clear enough, kindly find attached the simplified and clearer one (Sample (for scaling) (479.1 KB))

My aim is to scale the offset plate but keep the top part of the offset plate when scaling.

Like this?

Sample (for scaling) (481.4 KB)

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what you mean by the top part? i see opened geometry

Thank you very much! This is exactly what I want. Thanks for teaching me how to find the top planes of multiple boxes. Thanks again!