How to draw surface from points in nonorthogonal coordinates

I am trying to draw a warped surface - hyperbolic paraboloid - in Grasshopper (see below). The surface would be best constructed from U and V coordinates (angle between them is 60 degrees, so they are not orthogonal).

Is it possible to do that in Grasshopper? It would be great to define the coordinates as U and V instead of the orthogonal coordinates.

These are photos of part I am trying to draw:

Top view:

Side view:

Thanks a lot in advance!

Dear Sami,
Hope this helps! (17.3 KB)

Thanks a lot Mr. A., but I am looking for the center to this shape to have a different elevation. Check the photo I attached earlier, it’s a 3D shape where the center is going down in a parabolic way.

Other than a red curved labeled “Parabolic”, there is nothing in your image to indicate 3D.

Dear Sami,
Perhaps a better explanation is required- i had imagined you were looking to create surfaces, but now it seems to do something with the center; kindly elaborate for further assistance.

Mr .A

Is this what you’re looking for, a hyperbolic paraboloid, or hypar? (11.1 KB)

thanks for reply! I elaborated more. I appreciate it Mr. A.

Yes exactly! thanks a lot Ethan! I opened the file you attached but it is showing invalid mesh. What should I do? (I am new to GH).

Screen Shot 2021-10-01 at 11.41.35

Sorry, I forgot to internalize my initial curve, a shameful omission. (14.0 KB)

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I appreciate it A LOT. Another question if it’s fine, the study I am doing is actually to draw the hyperbolic paraboloid in GH by changing the number of sides using a slider.

So, I guess the network you sent me is for 3 sides (I tried it for 4 sides):

But I am looking for this guy for 4 sides:

Is there a way to allow to do that? like having a slider to draw the hypar given a slider specifying the number of sides. Thanks in advance anyways.

I don’t know what gave me the silly idea you were looking for three sides. Maybe it was the fact that your image was three-sided?

hypar-n (16.9 KB)


This is exactly what I am looking for! I followed through it and I understood it :slight_smile:
you saved my life. Thanks a lot.