How to draw a this structure

I have been using Rhino 6 for 10 days and I do not have full experience in the program itself, I need help how to draw this structure, and I’m also interested in how to develop the resulting shape.
height 36 meter
width 18 meter
height 9,5 meter
1 2 3

Create curves
ExtrudeCrv to create untrimmed surfaces
Trim surfaces to each other
Shape101DC.3dm (125.2 KB)



There are several ways to draw it. From the lighting I can’t quite tell if the top has an edge to it. I also don’t you if you will be drawing thickness into the object. If has an edge on a no-thickness pattern/template…

I would likely draw one half of a side profile using a curve.
Extrude the curve to make a (raw) surface for one side.
Mirror the surface.

Draw a profile curve for the other side.
Extrude that curve into a surface.
Mirror that surface.

I would likely make a copy on one set of surfaces.
Then the first surface may be used to split the second set of surfaces.
Remove the scrap.
The first set of surface can be split using the copy of the first surfaces.

You can also use wire cut on your surfaces in a given view, but it requires knowing if which side of the object the curve lies.

If the object is rounded on the top, then you would use a single curve to make the first surface.

If the object needs thickness, the procedure would be somewhat similar, but you would offset a curve to make parallel curves, join them at the top and bottom to make a closed curve, and then you would instead extrude solid polysurfaces using extrude planar curve. And after the second set is done, you would use boolean solid difference to cut them, so they would remain solid enclosed polysurface.

If it’s notches are non-critical I would just draw solid objects to remove them, but if their shape and dimensions are critical, then you will have to look at flow along curve, and use a source/destination (spline) curve to bend the surfaces. You can draw it flat, but the resultant object will likely have more nodes in it than it needs. To guild the lilly, the object may be drawn in shape, and the cutting objects may be flow along curve(d).

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Too late. Well, you can add some of my text to @davidcockey 's drawing if it helps : )

Thank you very much, with your help I have succeeded @davidcockey @Brenda