How to draw 7.28in in Rhino?

Hi there everyone! This is a question to the US friends!

For the first time I’m working in feet and inches. I would like to draw a line that is exactly 7.28 in (185mm), and yet when I input in Rhino 7.28" and then measure the length, it shows 7 1/4"
Is that correct?? When I google 7 1/4" in mm, it says it’s 184.15mm which would be incorrect. Am I doing something wrong, or should I be typing this dimension in different way?


You need to look at the settings.

You know you can draw in any unit. Your file units can be inches, you draw a line and type 185mm…

You can also set annotation styles with alternative units:

Hi @martinsiegrist

Thank you for your reply, I had actually no idea I can type in mm even when I have inches as units, so that’s INCREDIBLY USEFUL! Thank you! And as you suggested, changing units to decimal allows me to then see the length as 7.27 so that’s great.

Just so I understand American system - so when I have it on feet and inches setting, they get rounded up? Or is 7 1/4" exactly the same as 7.28" ? If not, should I always keep it on decimal for precise modelling?

I’d expect it to be rounded to the nearest fraction. But that is just the dimension which is displayed. It should not have an effect on what you are modeling.

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