How To Downgrade Rhino to Previous Version?

I’ve spent 10 minutes googling for R6SR18 and give up. Where do you find previous builds? Any extra tips for downgrading?

@pascal? I’m under a bit of a deadline.

Hi Eric,

I’ve got a copy of the 6SR18 installer. I’ll PM you a copy if you’re interested.


I PM -ed Eric with a link.


I had already lost my customer and figured out that SR 19 disabled RhinoScript by the time I got the link for SR 18.

@pascal you never replied to the other thread, but it’s a pretty frustrating bug. RhinoScript based commands need to return a friendly error message that RhinoScript isn’t enabled.

I’m done with updates. I’ve spent 8 years in Rhino, I have 0 feature requests in development, and there’s no way to roll back to a previous version on your own.


This does beg the question: Why does McNeel not provide downloads for previous versions of Rhino (or the SDK)?

I understand that new releases fix bugs and likely also improve security, but they also may introduce new bugs (as seen here).
Further, as a developer, where the installed version of Rhino (and the C++ SDK, where the same applies) on my system mandates the minimal supported version of any PlugIn built on it, it would be very useful to be able to download previous versions. Instead this puts us in the position where we have to check if there is an update, download the installer and store it on our end just in case we need them later on.

This is even more puzzling, as installers for previous versions can still be downloaded from the website, the link simply isn’t exposed anymore.