How to double click a component remotely

Does anyone know how to open the window of double-click component like Galapagos and Octpus remotely.
For example, I would like to use a toggle component to do so. When I set true/false, the window pop up/close. something like that.


the lowest common denominater on windows is accessing user32.dll. There are many examples for C# and Python (ctypes) on the Internet. This Mircosoft library gives you access to window handles and mouse input. Its not quite easy to make something to run with it but it is possible and not uncommon in software automation, if you don’t have access to certain functionality.
Another approach would be using reflection to execute internal functionality, since both plugins are written

Hi Tom,
Thank you for your reply.Very helpful.
I will check it!

Hello there Aki,
I´m trying to do the same thing as you requested in this post… Any updates on how you went through it?