How to do the same operations with multiple objects from a list one by one?

Hi All!
I have 140 identical surfaces in a list, and I need do perform the same operations with all of of them. But the problem is that computer crashes when I do it normal way working with data trees.

So, is it possible maybe to perform it one by one? I tried anemone changing index but it’s not working properly. Who knows how to deal with this problem?

Thanks in advance.

PS: For example, it only works with the first item

Can I get those 140 surfaces so I can try and reproduce the crash?

It should with Anemone,

Start the loop without a Data input, then Treat the loop as a list and insert an item each loop into the list at the index of the count…

Thank you so much bro! That really works as I want it to be! Awesome!

It’s not the matter of surfaces. I can get that crash on every complex calculation. The PC with Rhino 6 freezes totally and the only button than works is “reset”. I couldn’t have that problem in Rhino 5. It’s weird!

Hardware: AMD Ryzen 1800X, RAM 32GB Corsair, Windows 10.

That’s disturbing and not very common as far as we know. What do these crashes look like? Does Rhino just disappear without warning? Is there a crash report window? Is it just freezing and nothing works any more?

And what’s the “Reset” button?

It goes thinking for loooong time. And no chance to cancel it.