How to dispatch or pick the points horizontally


i am trying to pick the center point of the every second row, however dispatch doesnt work horizontally.

is there any way i can do that?

thanks (13.2 KB)


You could internalize geometry after ‘Diamond Panels’… (two ‘Crv’ params)

Hi Joseph, please see the attached file below, i have internalized. thanks (204.3 KB)

I got something but can’t say I’m proud of it as it depends on two sliders… :roll_eyes:

Had thought there might be some branched data to sort out but the curves and points are flat lists. :thinking: (229.4 KB)

I didn’t bother with the second set of “cells” around the edges.

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Much appeaciated Joseph!

this works just because points are already sorted (in the opposite direction, but still sorted)

measures the distance between every 2 consecutive points, so it recognizes the “oh there’s a new column” because it’s much more than the average

so it’s very situational, made my eyes bleed :rofl: (200.8 KB)

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