How to disable the default light of the Rhino renderer?


since Bongo3 and VfR5 doesn’t work together and create a Rhino 7 crash I try to use Cycles for rendering an animation. I set a HDRI environment, but I have a default light which follow the camera. How can I disable it? @nathanletwory Do you have an idea?


Enable the skylight, no need to set custom environment since you have it set to 360° environment also. You have no lights in your scene at the moment. For this reason you get the default light camera-based light (comes over left shoulder).

Are you still on Rhino 7.3 or earlier? This was dealt with in latest 7.4 SRC (hopefully it’ll become actual 7.4 SR this week). Also good idea to keep denoiser off while rendering animation.

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@nathanletwory Thank you very much for your quick help. :slight_smile: Now it looks like I hoped it. :slight_smile:

I’m using 7.3. Do you think Bongo3 and VfR5 could work per 7.4SRC?

That I don’t think. Bongo 3 is still in WIP, I doubt Chaos Group has made a version of their plug-in that works with it.

OK, so I will try my luck with Cycles. Sorry, it looks like I will have a lot of questions. :wink:

  • Why get this extreme landscape rendering?
  • Why I don’t see the denoiser?
  • What is recommended - Cuda or Optix? (1x3090, 2x2080ti)

  • I disabled the 2x2080ti and now I get the full viewport rendered. Seems to be a multi GPU bug.
  • I found that I need to run the packmanager and to install Nvidia and Intel denoiser. Now I can use the Intel denoiser, but the Nvidia denoiser is still not available. (I restarted Rhino.)
  • I found the info, that Cuda should be fine for most cases, so I use this.