How to disable .dxfbak files


When exporting a dxf, and the file already exists, Rhino creates a .dxfbak files.
How do I disable that?

It’s maybe good to note this is an automated export, with the hyphened command scripted.


Hi Willem,

You can’t currently disable bak file creation when replacing an existing file saved in a plugin file type. Options>Files has a setting for 3dmbak creation but it is not going to currently impact plugin file types like dxf. This is filed here… for future reference.


I must say, I’m starting to get complaints about clogging up our export folders. Literally, hundreds of useless files to purge from our system drive EVERY DAY.

6.16 isn’t out yet, right? ETA?


6.15 was delayed a week and should be out next Tuesday. At that point there will be a SRC 16 available.

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Thanks for this fix.

@Willem, maybe hit the “Solution” button?

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