How to disable backface-side mesh edges selection?

I often hit the wrong mesh edge that is on the other side. I think there is no such option to prevent this but I try:

Is there a way to not allow the selection of the mesh edges (or/and vertices points) on the other side of the mesh?

Because using the _SplitMeshEdge or _Merge2MeshFaces mesh tools, I’m selecting the wrong mesh edges or mesh vertices points occluded on the other side. Especially in Shaded View where backface mesh wires is not visible. If I use Ghost or Wireframe view mode, there is little space to work with and making the selection. Mesh density is hi.

Use command _CullControlPolygon (cull=yes or no).


And when using _Merge2MeshFaces or I’m unwrapping a mesh? I wish not to select the seams that are in the other side of the mesh. Especially if I’m in Shaded View mode.


I used to unwrap the surface before converting to mesh but is not always possible.