How to detect points in polysurface and surface vs surface connection?

I am a newbie to Rhino and developing a few analyses in Python with Rhinoscript. I have two questions, I would like to detect the points in the extrusion and surface vs surface connection for a specific case. I have added examples below.

  • Can anyone suggest any methods to find a point in extrusion? Each polysurface will have a attribute user text so based on that i want to get result like this point is in this polysurface1 or inbetween polysurface1 and polysurface2

  • And for the surface vs surface connection. I have two surfaces, one surface is on the other surface like a slope. I have tried to find intersection but it doesn’t work. I want to detect whether the surface1 is connected with surface 2 or not.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Rajasirpi

Convert the Extrusion to a Brep using Extrusion.ToBrep. Then use Brep.IsPointInside.

Use Intersection.SurfaceSurface. Sample attached.

test_ssx.3dm (30.0 KB) (1.0 KB)

– Dale

Thanks for helping! @dale