How to detect and close the Rhino crash message?

I run batch renders using a Python script that launches Rhino and then executes the RunScript command to run my Rhinoscript file. During the render process, some .3dm files end up crashing unpredictably and Rhino prompts me with an alert message. I’m trying to figure out if there’s a way I can either tell Rhino not to prompt me with the crash message and move execution to the next file. Essentially, I don’t want my batch to be halted because of the crash.

Can you take a screen shot of such a message?

@dale Here is an image of the window. It’s the usual error report:*KNbXQRoLpV3pxtcgB0ycpkVpuza090V9JutCQVgxfkQzidygxZ7yrBnnn8aXx-bTBgv4Y544Vt0UaOCssaYS/report.png

I’m not worried about why the crash occurs. I just want the Python script to continue without waiting for any user input.

I don’t know of a way to detect when Rhino has crashed - sorry.

But, I would like to understand why Rhino is crashing. Are you able to repeat the crash? Are you submitting your crash reports?

@krsnadas, if your script (python or rhinoscript) runs in the scope of Rhino and it crashes, it might not help to circumvent the crash report dialog. Once Rhino crashed and is closed, you will loose the scope the script is running in. So even if you get past the dialog, the script will stop working if it is running from inside Rhino.

It might be better to find out why it crashes and avoid the crash so the script can continue.