How to delete surfaces/ brep made in series?

In my script, I need to delete the first 3 floors (picture 1 highlighted in yellow). These floors are made in series with the base that starts at the bottom of the tower. I tried to move the base up so the 1st three floors would not be created at all. However, my facade and all other elements got affected by this too (moved up).

Also, I am trying to delete top of the facade (picture 2 highlighted in yellow). It is made from surface and Wb components. I tried here to split or trim surface with the vertical floor curve, but none of the trim components did not work saying I need closed brep to use them etc.

I know it is a long shot and probably very hard to answer these. But maybe someone will have any idea!

thank you!

It would be a lot easier to get someone’s help if you post your gh file with internalized base geometries.

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Shift List with ‘S’ input set to 3 and ‘W’ (Wrap) input inverted (set to False).

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