How to delete coplanar surfaces

Hi, as a absolute beginner i’m searching for an easy way to delete coplanar faces in simple geometries. At the moment i resolve this by creating a polyline from the red object with INTERSECT. Then i use WIRECUT to cut the larger Obects, then i have to delete the coplanar surfaces and then correct the surroundings of the hole to the desired layer. I guess their is an more elegant way for this… Any hints?

Not sure what you are trying to do, but you might to try using a Boolean operation (BooleanDifference) here in order to subtract the two smaller volumes from the bigger one… --Mitch

Thanks for the fast reply. The BooleanDifference creates the desired geometry but also unions the parts and put them one the same layer.
I hope there is a way to keep the polysurfaces and their layers… Best regards, Heiko

OK, if you’re not looking to union the parts, I would simply Extrude your “window” profiles using Solid=No (or Extrude from the Surface menu), then use Trim to trim out the openings in your box walls. The window surfaces will stay on the layer they were created on. If you have a lot, you can use Split instead of Trim. Split the box with all the other surfaces - the entire split result should remain selected in the end - then just Ctrl+click to deselect the box part(s) you want to keep and hit the Delete button.


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Thanks, not as simple as hoped but much, much faster then my own approach :slight_smile: