How to delete an attached object

I have an object that I was trying to copy/paste into a new Rhino7 file and keep the plugin properties (Orca3D) and the sections generated by Orca would not transfer over to the new new model. I tried inserting and importing also to no avail. I figured out how to bring my Orca sections layout but now have multiples of the part and one I am unable to move, scale or delete. I’m pretty sure it is the inserted one but cannot do anything with it! Any ideas? It is not a block. I can explode it and delete the surfacs that result but the original polysurface remains no matter what I do.

Hello- how is the object ‘inserted’? Insert command, or? Is it in an attached weorksession file?


No work session, I think I attached it actually.

Well, ‘Attach’ in the context of Rhino must refer to a worksession.