How to deform hexagons and growth them beside each other

I’m trying to remodel the geometry used in this project:

Variegation Index — Jason Bruges Studio
but I have some problems: to create deformed hexagons with same length edges. I created but not the same length.
2. and other problem is I did a long way to move and arrange them and finally, its not what I want. actually, I don’t know how to growth every cell beside each other.
here is what I did however I think there’s lots of problems. (33.0 KB)

I wonder if anyone could help me.

Have you realized this pattern consist of the same shape but some hexagons are mirrored?
The hexagon has four and two equal sides.

You can check out the file attached, which isn’t perfect yet and has a few limitations. (32.8 KB)

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@martinsiegrist Thankyou! I didn’t know about mirrored cells, but I think your right.

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I don’t know how these cells growth and how to expand them in a parametric way for example by changing the cells number.
thankyou in advance.

Look at the photo you posted. The pattern consist of two repeating linear arrays. I updated the file with the arrays. (27.3 KB)

Thankyou very much. :pray:t2:

The last step would be to bake the geometry and then delete some of the hexagons manually.

Or draw a closed curve in Rhino and get the hexagons which are within the curve by sifting in Grasshopper. (14.8 KB)

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exactly, thank you so much. :pray:t2: