How to deform an array on rhino 7


Can anyone help me do the attached but not using GH. I am hopeless on it. I tried “cage point” but not successful.

Hi Marcel,
I would make a planar surface with the holes, modify it (with cage, moving edit points or flow) and from the top view I would use “make2d current view”.

Dear Marcel

There are many ways to approach this with Rhino using Rhino native tools.
One way could be to interpret the compressions shown on the picture to approximate a target surface.

  • Create a base surface and deform it in the same fashion
  • Based on the resulting topology, use what ever technique to drop a set of circles on that surface
  • Adjust the CP’s of the Surface to adjust the compressions
  • Project the resulting curves on the CPlane
  • Create a planar surface and trim as desired.

Just an idea that came to my mind

Rodolfo Santos

Great I did it. Thanks for the advice.Screenshot 2021-04-03 221533

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