How to define width factor of the Font


As mentioned in the header - I need to decrease width factor of the font.
Any possibility to do it in Rhino?

Or, alternatively - is it possible to create a new Font based on the original with reduced width factor?


As long as it is still “text” and based on a font file, then no. The font definition determines all those sizes.
If you use the font to create curves, surfaces, or BREPs, then they are geometry (not text), and you can adjust them like any other object.

Ok, thanks.

As I understood - this option cannot be implemented or?
I guess - it would be useful for many users.
Actually it can be done if text is within block and block being scaled in single direction, but then text cannot be edited…
Or is it easier to create a narrow font based on the standard? Any software recommendation?

Probably can not be implemented.
The issue is as long as it is text, the drawing of it in Rhino is reliant on the font file definition. If you modify or delete the referenced font, Rhino will substitue something else so you don’t totally lose it.
Making your own font is not a trivial matter and then no one else can open or print your file without your font.

That’s why I suggested turning the characters into geometry so you can edit it’s shape, but then it’s no longer actually “text”.

FontForge can probably do what you want…

Thanks, but John is right - in case if file needs to be open by other person - it will be always conflict.

So, ideally it should be an option in Rhino.
Common, guys! Nothing you can do about this?


Do you want characters placed tighter together or have the glyphs themselves scaled by some amount in one direction? Both are technically possible, but also may be a lot of programming to get right in the core.

Some light at the end of the tunnel…
I need scale in 1 direction (both symbols and spaces) - basically only in the direction of the text.

P.S. If I am not mistaken - AutoCAD has smth similar, called width factor

@stevebaer, can we expect this in the nearest releases?


I can’t predict when this would be implemented, though it does look like a new feature so it wouldn’t be in V6. I added your request at

Ok, understood.


i suppose it is still not present even in v8 wip? it is a basic thing in other cads (autocad, …)

it is so easy :smiley: just add one parameter to text, scaling could be done even with gumball