How to define custom shapes in Grasshopper with custom scaling?

I discovered that I managed to define a pill shape backwards, in that I scaled it first, and positioned it last:

But I can’t figure out how I’m supposed to do the opposite in Grasshopper?

I have the lines and arcs which make the pill shape as input curves, because I want to draw the original shape in Rhino first. That’s a nice to have feature, but not a must. Perhaps this is what makes me not understand how to identify the shapes after placement, so I know which to scale (the lines) and which to move (the arcs)…

EDIT: Apparently this is a pill shape in Grasshopper…

So that “solves” this specific scenario for me (although it isn’t centered on its plane, which is weird), but I’ll leave the question open if someone wants to give a more general answer.

Hei Robert,
The Rectangle component is simply designed to use the lower left-hand corner as the starting point.

I’m not sure I’m completely understanding the question (when asking GH questions, please always include a gh file with any Rhino geometry internalized - not just a picture of the canvas) - when you use Rhino geometry as input, the geometry is already placed when it gets into Grasshopper. You will then have to reposition and/or scale it to the position and size that you need. When you do things from scratch in GH, you can start by placing geometry and work from there.