How to define a point as last point for further relative point definition?

I can’t find the way for define a point as the last point in a model, for definning a relative point from it. Are there any short cut for this?

Since you didn’t categorize your post, I’m assuming this is a Rhino question (as opposed to Grasshopper).

You can use the From object snap to define a base point and then enter a relative coordinate in the rx,y format to draw your relative point.

Many thanks!

I have 2 more question:

How can I draw a line between the two apparent inbtersection points?
How can I decide which point will be snapped the closer or the other?

Since you don’t provide a file, I’ll have to assume things again.

Say that in the top view, two curves appear to intersect but, in 3D, they don’t. First you have to make sure that you have enabled snapping to apparent intersections. With that set, you can draw a line between the 2 points that appear to intersect by first hovering the mouse over one of the curves close to the intersection, and, for the second point, over the other curve I the vicinity of the apparent intersection. You should get visual feedback that tells you which curve is active.

Thank you again!