How to deal with a Σ N-ary boxes decaying?

Hello, are there some logic to make this out? I mean to do this without attractor or field one. Thanks!

You could generate the coordinates from a series of numbers using the Cross Reference component with one of the non-standard matching types. Lower Triangle or something.

I’ve included a couple of methods in the file attached. One is following something like Mr Rutten’s suggestion of using the cross reference component, although I’m not sure I made it in the most efficient way. (20.2 KB)


Yeah I just realised my suggestion doesn’t work, or at least needs additional steps…

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Thanks, I will try to find some other solutions

Let me play under this logic a little bit to see what comes out.

i thought those were called Qbert boxes


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fewest components I could manage for this: (10.5 KB)



qbert (21.1 KB)