How to cut circle-pattern into surfaces

Hey people!

im working on a waffeled ceiling with a cut out pattern.

but i cant get the actual cutout to be working.

neither RegioDifference nor SurfaceSplit seem to work…

Can someone please tell my what I am doing wrong?

Thank you in advance!!!

waffle (15.6 KB)

You didn’t internalize your geometry to be contoured.


yeah but no.
thats just a screengrab. as you can see in the other images. the brep is working

Yeah, but really, there is no geometry (or image) in your GH file. That Brep is null.

yeah its just the grasshopper file attached. the script is supposed to be working for any brep.
Its than sliced with contour into lamellas.

My question is not how to brep something, but how to create surfaces with the circle pattern cut out.

No geometry and no image for the Image Sampler? Good luck.