How to cull a branch if any of the item is not a null value?

I have two data sets, a group of four curves populating above an organic mesh.
For collision analysis, I have found which curves intersect with the mesh.
I would further like to cull all the braches (/paths?), if any of the curve has an intersection with mesh.
In other words, removing all the curve groups if any of the curve intersects.

This how my datatree looks for curves (left), intersection points(right)

Would anyone have some leads?

For future, it would help people to give a better answer if you could give a bit more about your definition than two panels. Like where do these panels come from. But I think if you plug your points tree into a bool component, you’d get true and false values based on whether or not you have a point there. Then you can use dispatch component. You can input your line tree into list, and use the output from bool component as pattern. Hope it helps.

Good luck!