How to create walkability redius?

hey, so I’m working on site, which involve several roads and paths. I’ve been trying to using shortwalk plugin, with circle trimming it in some point. the idea is to see how far I can walk from specific location on the map, but I feel its doesn’t work properly. I placed several points in the edges of the site, and connected to the origin point, then linked with line. it there any other way to create it? in the image below, the white line are the existing paths, and the red are the “walk”, and you can see that its doesn’t get the whole lines in the area.

I hope I do not confuse you.

the (87.1 KB)

You should place your destination points on the path curve’s nodes.

the (75.4 KB)

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Thx for the help, it simplied the code, but now I’m realizing that mabye the shortwalk plugin isn’t right one to use in here. I want to see every path in the walkabuilty circle, and right now, its doesn’t show it.
what should I do?


Shortest Paths ≠ every Path

hmm… I’m sorry, I don’t know what you mean by that. can you specify?

That means that you can either see every path, or shortest path, not both.:wink:

well, now i’m Pretty embarrassed.

thank you too much!