How to create timeline chart

I’m trying to create a dynamic timeline chart exporting my gantt file to csv.
I’d like to create a straight line divided by days and, very simply, creating circle from start to end (center in the middle) of each activity.

I can do the diagram, but I can’t assign a date to the point of timeline. When I read data from excel I see it converted in number: it means that 16/11/2020 is 44151, as 44151th day after 1/1/1900. It is good, because I use number as X position, but I’m not able to show (automatically) month or days as a normal timeline.
Thank you for any advice

Hi @dario955i,

I’ve dealt with this before.

Yes, although there is a little bit more to this. For instance, as you stated, the integer part refers to the total number of days, but the fractional part - if there is one - also refers to the percentage of the day, and can be used to get the hours, minutes, seconds, even milliseconds.
The epoch 1900 or 1904 has to be set depending on your Excel version. If I remember correctly, there also was a leap year bug in Excel a few years ago in the 1900 epoch!

Here’s the custom GHPython component that I use for this kind of operation.

I wrote it in Python a few years ago, but it still works great and returns the right datetime string for your digit. It also adjust for the a fore mentioned leap year bug.

Remember, if you want more resolution - meaning the hours, minutes, seconds, etc. -, you have to provide the XLDate as a floating point number (not an integer).
The Format is optional, but allows you to format the output datetime string to whatever floats you boat. Here’s a list of formatting options, although I guess you should be able to deduce all you need from my example.
If you ever need to change the epoch, it has to be done on line 55 in the code. Simply set xldate_to_datetime(XLDate, 0) to xldate_to_datetime(XLDate, 1), which means an 1904-based epoch. It’s currently set to `1, which represents the 1900-based epoch. (3.9 KB)

Sorry, I missed your reply.
Thank you very much for your tip!