How to create this surface using NetworkSrf command?

I want to create this surface which contains upper and lower part but it has to be a single surface with a nice transition between upper and lower parts. I want to use NetworkSrf command and without Boolean. Can you please guide me?
Untitled.3dm (28.9 KB)

Sweep 2 and Loft loose will get this.

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It’s not possible to make a single NURBS surface which covers the two parts and is smooth.

NetworkSrf smooths out any kinks in input curves.

Why do you need a single surface? Why not a polysurface, ie multiple surfaces joined together?

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@davidcockey actually this isnt true u can’t with certain ammount of effort u can but why would u do that ?

@Alex_Wright u can do that simply making that shape and geting sections out of it in x and y directions (as dense as u need) and then push them into network srf.

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You’re correct, but it will require rows and columns with stacked control points to create the creases. Eliminating wiggles in the surface near the intersections of the curves would be difficult.

NetworkSrf, which @Alex_Wright wants to use, can’t do it as it does not stack control points, and the result of NetworkSrf is “smooth” without creases (though potentially with “wiggles”) with G2 internal continuity even when the input curves have kinks.