How to create this shape?

I need to model the ceiling panel in the attached image. I have two areas I’m struggling with here. First, how does one create the converging arc shapes that are increasingly wider as they spread? Secondly, how does one then have those shapes extruded with an increasing thickness as it gets to the middle of the circular shape? Thank you.51%20PM

Hello - here are some ‘scroll’ files I dug up - maybe these can help. (898.6 KB)


Here’s another link that should prove informative:

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Thank you.

Thank you, Ill give it a shot

Ok this is way more complex than I imagined. :frowning:

I think I may be close to solving it but I can’t create a solid from these lines. Can someone please help? Thank you.CAP CURVE 2.3dm (78.6 KB)

It is unwise to use a yellow color for curves and such. Yellow is the color of ‘selected’ items. If you explode the existing curve, you get several segments. Join the ones on each side of the gap. Then the end section can be used for sweep2

I can’t seem to cap this… :frowning: CURVE CANT CAP.3dm (309.1 KB)

Hello - I’d work on getting good clean and relatively simple curves that have a good graph (curve accelerating cleanly as the spiral winds in and out) Then it is still work but relatively easy and not impossible to fine tune.
CAP CURVE 2_PG.3dm (160.0 KB)


Thank you Pascal. But now my client wants the curve to change thicknesses as it curves into the circle. I’ve updated the curve… Attached. I extruded but it’s CURVE CANT CAP.3dm (309.1 KB)
not capping the top/bottom. How did you cap yours? :tired_face::sob:

(also attaching just the linework… )cant extrude this shape.3dm (57.9 KB)

Hello - mine is a Loft (Straight sections) of the four matching curves.