How to create these fillets?

Hi all,

Trying to fillet edges of an object but I’m ending up with lots of artifacts.
Object was created with a few extrusions / booleans and you can see some of the edges I want to fillet here. I planned on giving the “point” along the edge a 1mm fillet:


Nothing’s working so I’m thinking that maybe I have to model it differently? I keep ending up with stuff like this, as it appears the underlying geometry has some extra segments:


fillet.3dm (207.7 KB)

combining edges that are fillet - with sharp edges - some details are not possible to solve with pure ball/sphere like fillets.
you also have those small stripes of surfaces that will get lost
→ so a surface that is part of the edge, but is completely “eaten” by the fillet…
_filletEdge will fail in those situaitons
(EDIT: see @Vanessa s details / screenshot and @maje90 tip to use mergeSrf)

you can use
_filletSrf to build single surfaces
solve the corners
_trim _join

I looked at the upper edge - there is also a problem with intersect.
i had to correct it manually…
see screenshots that show the offset of the fillets at this corner

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Hi @Turner - The main issue you have is that the radii you’re asking for is larger than the smallest edge in your model

If you set it to something smaller than 0.69mm, it won’t be perfect but it’ll get you very close to the solution.

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Thanks - I saw that edge and wondered where it came from… I’ll try joining it to the curve & see what happens.

Thanks Tom - I’m not great at manual fixes yet, but I’ll experiment with these…

You can use MergeSrf with Smooth=No

But your problem is still here:
2022-06-09 16_38_31-Window
What to do there?

Something like this is ok for you?

fillet.3dm (804.4 KB)


better ! also recommend this

this is less work then using
you can still use
_shrinkTrimmedSrf afterwards if you want to improve the underlaying structure

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