How to Create the first Scherk Surface


I´m completely new here;)
Could anybody help me to generate that type of surface (attached) in grasshopper? Do I need a Plugin for that to generate it faster?

Thank you so much


Did you search on internet ? You know Google Bing …

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Hey, I´ve already seen this one… but isn´t it completly different?

Ok have you some Math reverence ?

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Just this website here:

@laurent_delrieu to make my question more concrete:
I rebuilt this grasshopper path and got the same result. My question now: How can I determine the number of openings of this surface that it looks similar to the one I sent at the beginning? And if you know how, is there also a possibility to rotate them around the center… If you can´t follow my thoughts, just tell me and I try to make a sketch.
Thank you so much so far.

Yes a sketch is more clear. Because there are lot of materials to work with on the link you send

and also on
So it is also good you see this
How to ask effective questions

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Hi @laurent_delrieu thank you so much for your quick and helpful replies. I hope this sketch does it make more understandable.


@laurent_delrieu do you have any ideas?


Yes I have an idea, but it depends on the geometry. With geometry well constructed you can transform a object with a N symetries to an object with M symetries. You just have to extract 1 part and make an angular scale then a polar array. Nothing too complex.

If you have an equation you can alos change the polar value in order to change the symetry.

For the second question, it is just a polar change you could cuse graph mapper to make some distorsion from [0 to 2PI] to [0 to 2PI].
But as already said, all depends on how you generate the geometry.
So “Pas de bras, pas de chocolat”, stupid French joke:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Here is a way to deform around an axis.

radial (103.8 KB)

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