How to create tapered rod?

This seems so simple but for some reason I can’t figure out how to create a rod that tapers on the end. The rod itself is 2mm and the taper is 2.5mm in length with a final end diameter of 1mm. Suggestions?pointed rod.stl (45.8 KB)

Two methods:

Create a half-profile of the rod as a polycurve, and Revolve the polycurve.

Create a cylinder and a truncated cone separately, and join the shapes together.

Oh okay, the second option is the one I tried but tried union instead of join without success. Thank you!

BooleanUnion and the other Boolean operations frequently have problems when surfaces of different objects coincide. In those cases the use can remove or trim the coinciding surfaces and then use Join.

Planar surfaces which coincide will usually work in Boolean operations if they are exactly aligned. If they don’t then use Trim, Split, Delete, ect and Join.