How to create surface from set of points

Hi all,

I would like to create a surface from a sets of points (may be more than 20,000 points).
I am using _Meshpatch to create a mesh from points and then _MehsTONURB for surface creation.

When i used MeshTONURB, Rhino is showing an error says"The mesh has more than 20,000 faces. You might run out of memory and crash". Please see attached error message.

Is there a better way to create surface from point/point clouds?

Thank you in advance for any response!

Try using Patch command. I don’t know what the upper limit is on the number of points.

Another method is to Section or Contour the mesh to create a set of curves, and then use the polylines as input to Patch,

MeshToNURB creates a separate surface for each mesh face.

Thank you David.

Thank you Helvetosaur.