How to create sloping rows of planes

I’m trying to design a skyscraper with sloping floors that get steeper as it go up.
Attractor point looked like one of the option but did not know how to apply to this kind of design.
I’m trying to test out different angles of slopes to compare results.

Here’s an example on how to set something like this up related to the z-value of the slabs.

It must be uncomfortable to live on the upper levels though, constantly being tethered to some sort of security rope not to slide off. :wink: (15.1 KB)

Antigravity is the only - obvious - solution.

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There actually is gravitation on the moon, even if it’s only a fraction of what we’re used to down here. The fantastical anti-gravity machine would thus also make it gravitation-less! Btw, Philosoraptor is super 2005-ish.

This would be a perfect skyscraper design for a small, spinning asteroid : the higher you go the higher the angular momentum, cancelled out by the clever sloping floors :


Wow thank you so much for that! Yeah, it does look uncomfortable to live in but making it into a livable space will be my task for this design :slight_smile:

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why not use the contraint of the slope into a interesting design rather than trying to go against it?

Why have sloped “floors” at all? To be useful, they must be terraced, which will waste a lot of space.

Far from it: I have managed to master AG (Final Phase 3 tests under way). The machine works via nano things inlcuded in classic Bermuda shorts (navy blue).

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Why not have sloped floors? Imagine what the spatial experience would be like inside the tower, I could have cascades, slides and platforms along the slope.
No point in designing an already existing high-rise model when I could experiment with new ideas.

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Maybe you stumbled upon Paul Virilio’s Architecture Principe’s work already, if not, then checking their whole concept and experiments on the Oblique Function is your thing.

As they explain, an oblique floor has even political repercussions.

Go for it!!!

Here one of the few buildings they managed to build (before they got caught up in May 68):

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