How to create series of orthogonal slats between two curves?

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I’m fairly new to grasshopper and just wondering how I would go about making a series of orthogonal solids from these straight lines I’ve managed to model (first image)? The way I thought I’d go about it is to extrude the lines in the z direction and then a direction perpendicular to each line, however I’m having trouble with this second step (the second photo is my script so far). I did attempt to create this perpendicular vector (script in third image), however this found the perpendicular to each point on the curve rather than each straight line (fourth image). What are your guys’ thoughts? Or is there another way of going about obtaining these orthogonal “slats” that span the two curves?


So I think that what you are saying, or plan won’t work. When you say "

The part perpendicular to each line is misleading. What exactly is perpendicular to a line? I am not sure that makes sense. I think you could be perpendicular to a line and a plane, but not to just a line. Here is one way you may be able to do it, however. (14.9 KB)

Hi thanks for the reply! I’ll have a look at your suggestion, but after a bit of fiddling around I’ve managed to get these orthogonal slats between the two curves with the following script (first image). However, the PerpFrame and Sweep commands have failed, any ideas why? The orientation of the slats seems to have changed at the points where there are gaps too (second image). I’ve attatched the script (might have to zoom out a bit in the rhino viewports). (13.7 KB) (15.7 KB)

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Thanks! Exactly what I wanted!