'How to create priority over the other list?,' and another question

@wim -> why do you like this when named like an editor who does this to your code: :wink:


Thank you, Tom, for your response.
I am almost there, thank you.

Do you know the following answer?
If a branch contain one time, keep the item; if branch contains multiple items, delete first item of branch.
create priority 4.gh (11.6 KB)


Thank you for this vector tip!

create priority_2018Feb4a.gh (21.7 KB)

How about posting your solution?

Thank you for that last bit.

Of course. I know the routine. I understand. But, first I need to clean up. I cannot deliver the following mess (see right side of image).

Yeah, it looks like you do! I don’t expect to learn much of anything new from this, it’s just a courtesy to others to share your solution. Who knows, there might still be more for you to learn from this. Like combining attractor values to move each grid point only once instead of three times (once for each attractor curve)…? Screen shots (and code files) like that are useless.

if you finish cleaning the mess xD I would like to see the final gh

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20180202 fractal landscape gen 05.gh (33.2 KB)

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